04 November 2022

Since the beginning of the war, support from Group DF companies to Ukrainians, army and territorial defense exceeded half a billion hryvnias

From February 24 to October 31, Group DF businesses had provided support to Ukrainians, the army and territorial defense for a total amount of UAH 547.7 million. The support has reached more than 3 million people throughout Ukraine.


Ukraine is supported at all levels – the shareholder, businesses, top management, as well as initiative groups of employees. Business’s assistance is concentrated in four main directions: support to the army and territorial defense; humanitarian aid to residents of areas affected by shelling; assistance to local communities in the restoration of infrastructure and water supply; support to healthcare.

“Despite the colossal losses caused by the war to our businesses, we continue to help the army and Ukrainians affected by the war. In the third quarter, we significantly changed the aid strategy. For example, we were first among big businesses to start supplying air defense equipment – modern anti-drone systems, thermal imagers and other specific equipment. Recently, Ostchem handed over a modern anti-drone system, KVERTUS (ANTIDRON KVSG-6) with a range of 3 km, for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This week we will deliver a unique US-Australian anti-drone system. We are now focused on the supply of equipment and ammunition that will help our military conduct combat operations in the winter period. Today, we know the needs of the military much better and have clear feedback,” comments Oleg Arestarkhov, Head of Corporate Communications at Group DF.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION. Among the key areas of assistance are the purchase of two anti-drone systems, the purchase, repair and transfer of vehicles (476 units), the purchase of thermal imagers (100+), bulletproof vests (300+), tactical clothing (2680+), heating furnaces (1200+), as well as plates, helmets, ammunition, drones, generators, fuel for the military, conducting a number of technical works.


The Group’s enterprises continue to provide humanitarian aid to local communities and the affected population. In the 3rd quarter of 2022, assistance in the amount of UAH 199.8 million was provided. Support is provided in such areas as infrastructure restoration, repair of premises, schools, railway tracks, as well as fuel and water delivery. Being organized are: temporary accommodation for the affected people; equipping of facilities; water, food and medicine provision; evacuation of people; and support with clearing of rubble. Support to healthcare was provided in the amount of 28.7 million hryvnias. In particular, the nitrogen business continues to purchase and deliver medical drugs and equipment for hospitals and clinics in 12 regions of the country. For more details, see infographics.


About a quarter of the aid was provided in cooperation with charities. foundations. Among them are YRZ Non-Profit gemeinnurtzige UG, “Free Air” charity foundation, “All-Ukrainian Foundation for Assistance to the Families of Ukrainian Heroes “FRIEND”, NGO “Help the Front”, Voluntary Formation No. 8 “Lisovyk”, “Ukrainian Social Protection” charity foundation, “Child’s Heart” international charity foundation (support to the “Okhmatdyt” Center for Children’s Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery for children affected by explosions), “Volunteers of Podillia” charity foundation.

“Over the 250 days of the war, we have learned how to help the army in a more effective way. Now our assistance is more structured, we closely interact with the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where 1,800 employees of the Group are serving. We are convinced that soldiers on the ground know better what exactly they need. All assistance is clearly coordinated. We will continue to help which is certainly a business’s obligation. The victory of our country depends on this,” Arestarkhov emphasizes.