Group DF’s agribusiness segment is represented by Synkiv Agro, an industrial-scale greenhouse complex located in Synkiv, Ternopil Oblast.



The Group is considering a number of potential investment projects in Ukraine, a country boasting rich agricultural resources. Having a nitrogen fertilizer production business with the largest domestic distribution warehouse network, Group DF enjoys a number of competitive advantages in developing business in the farm sector. Moreover, Nika Tera Specialized Seaport provides the Group with its own grain and other dry bulk transshipment capacities.


Synkiv Agro


Group DF’s first agribusiness investment project was the Synkiv Agro greenhouse complex, built in 2012. Located in the town of Synkiv in Ternopil Oblast, and spanning 10 hectares of land (first development stage), it is the largest greenhouse complex in Western Ukraine.


With its innovation technologies, it is also the most technologically advanced greenhouse complex in Ukraine, and one of the most advanced in Europe.



Synkiv Agro uses state-of-the-art Dutch equipment and advanced Israeli vegetable growing technologies. It is equipped with computerized systems for sprinkling, temperature control, nutrition and fertilization, as well as round-the-clock plant lighting. Currently, Synkiv Agro’s annual production capacity is 4,000 tonnes of tomatoes, 1,550 tonnes of peppers and 350 tonnes of cucumbers. We plan to expand the greenhouse complex to 40 ha of land in the future.  

Synkiv Agro is the first domestic greenhouse complex to produce pepper on an industrial scale. Previously, only 1% of the total greenhouse area in Ukraine was used for pepper cultivation and Ukraine satisfied domestic demand only by importing the vegetable. Synkiv Agro’s current production capacities will enable Ukraine to decrease annual pepper imports by 20% and annual tomato imports by 7%.


The complex includes a seedling greenhouse capable of growing 8.4 million plants per annum, as well as a storage and packing workshop.