Media Business

Group DF entered the media industry in 2013 by acquiring a controlling stake in the Inter Media Group, a vertically integrated Ukrainian media group.

Inter Media Group includes following divisions:

  • Broadcasting
  • Distribution
  • Advertising and sponsorship
  • Interactive media services
  • Studio production

Inter Media Group


The broadcasting division of Inter Media Group includes INTER, one of the top Ukrainian national television channels, and INTER+, which broadcasts internationally.


Inter Media Group also includes the K1, K2, NTN, Mega, Enter Film, Zoom, and Pixel television channels.


Group DF sees great potential for growth in the Ukrainian television industry and plans to develop a powerful media business, in line with the highest international standards.



One of the strategic priorities of Group DF in this segment is developing Inter Media Group’s own studio production capacities, which should lead to greater quality production in Ukraine’s television industry as a whole.