Group DF is a dynamic international group of companies aiming to play a leadership role in its core business segments.


Group DF expands the UkrAgro NPK mineral fertilizer regional distribution network from 15 to 28 warehouses.


The Crimean Soda Plant launches production of baking soda, becoming the only producer of baking soda in Ukraine.


Meanwhile, Group DF supports two major international projects: the annual World Economic Forum in Davos where participants discussed “Scenarios for the development of Ukraine” and Days of Ukraine in the United Kingdom, an international cultural project.


Group DF acquires a controlling stake in the Inter Media Group and enters the media market. This media holding includes INTER, one of the top national television channels, and the K1, K2, NTN, Mega, Enter Film, Zoom and Pixel channels.


Group DF becomes the investor of Zaporizhzhia Titanium and Magnesium Combine, the only titanium sponge producer in all of Europe. Titanium sponge is used in the production of titanium ingots and alloys.


Group DF implements its first agribusiness project with the construction of Synkiv Agro, a greenhouse complex in Synkiv, Ternopil Oblast.


The Group also takes a controlling stake in UkrAgro NPK, the leading national mineral fertilizer distribution network, and begins actively using it to distribute the Group’s own products.


Crimea TITAN completes construction of a new sulfuric acid shop with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tonnes. This allows Crimea TITAN to increase annual titanium dioxide production capacity to 120,00 tonnes.

In December, Group DF consolidates 100% of shares in Crimea TITAN.


Group DF International is established as the Corporate Centre of Group DF, responsible for managing the Group transformation program and ensuring proper implementation. The Corporate Centre determines the overall direction and strategy for Group DF and its businesses, as well as handling other key strategic issues for the Group.


Group DF enters the banking sector by acquiring a controlling stake in Nadra Bank, a commercial bank, one of Ukraine’s largest universal banks.


OSTCHEM acquires controlling stakes in a number of mineral fertilizer producers: Azot (Cherkasy), Severodonetsk Azot Association, and Rivne Azot. With the consolidation of Ukraine’s four major nitrogen fertilizer makers, including Concern Stirol, OSTCHEM is able to optimize its investment, production, marketing, logistical and sales policies while decreasing operating costs.


To ship fertilizers to its customers, OSTCHEM holding acquires a controlling stake in the Nika Tera Specialized Seaport located in Mykolayiv, a Black Sea shipbuilding port. In addition to fertilizers, Mykolayiv’s port also transships grains, edible oils, sulfur, rock phosphate and coal.


To improve corporate governance, offer greater transparency and streamline its legal structure, Group DF launches a large-scale transformation program. The Group engages Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), a leading international audit and consulting firm, to carry out this program.


Meanwhile, OSTCHEM acquires a majority stake in Concern Stirol, a major Ukrainian mineral fertilizer producer located in Horlivka, Donetsk region. Crimea TITAN produces a record 105,000 tonnes of titanium dioxide.


In line with Group DF’s strategy to increase energy efficiency at its production units, Crimean Soda Plant brings on line a steam turbine generating 20% of its energy needs.


In September 2008, Crimea TITAN begins constructing a new sulfuric acid shop in order to allow the company to be able to expand its titanium dioxide production capacities significantly. The Crimean Soda Plant increases soda ash production to a record 764,000 tonnes.


Dmitry Firtash establishes Group DF, an international group of companies, to provide efficient management of his assets in the energy and chemicals sectors, as well as in the real estate business, which the Group now enters.


Irshansk Mining and Concentration Complex, a branch of Crimea TITAN, opens three new sites for ilmenite production.


Over 2005-2008, RosUkrEnergo AG begins supplying natural gas from Central Asia to Ukraine and other European countries. EMFESZ Kft obtains a license to supply natural gas to Poland. These successful gas deals are to provide the financial basis to eventually establish the Group DF.


Dmitry Firtash and Gazprom (RF) set up a joint venture called RosUkrEnergo AG. Firtash also becomes a shareholder in Crimea TITAN, a Ukrainian titanium dioxide producer, and a majority shareholder in the Crimean Soda Plant, the only soda ash producer in Ukraine.


This same year, Firtash establishes the OSTCHEM holding company to consolidate his chemicals businesses.


Dmitry Firtash founds EMFESZ Kft, the First Hungarian Natural Gas and Energy Trading and Service Provider, to develop a major gas and energy business in Hungary.


Firtash’s company Eural TransGas Kft secures exclusive rights to supply Turkmen gas to Ukraine.


In 1993, Dmitry Firtash establishes business ties in a number of countries in Central Asia and organizes the supply of consumer goods in exchange for natural gas. Over the next few years, the businessman focuses on expanding this business.


Dmitry Firtash begins his business career by organizing commodity trading in Ukraine and Russia.