Fertilizer Business

As a diversified international group, Group DF invests in a variety of sectors. The fertilizer and titanium industry, gas distribution and banking are the core areas of Group operations. Today, non-core Group businesses include agribusiness, media, soda ash production, and real estate.

The fertilizer business is one Group DF’s core businesses. This business is represented by OSTCHEM, a holding company that consolidates the Group’s assets in nitrogen fertilizer production, distribution and shipping.


The production segment is represented by Group’s nitrogen fertilizer producers.


OSTCHEM is ranked 3rd in the world for nitrate production, 4th for ammonia production and 12th for urea production.


OSTCHEM enterprises’ core products are: nitrogen fertilizers such as ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate, CAN (calcium ammonium nitrate), UAN (urea ammonium nitrate), and ammonium sulphate. In addition to fertilizers, the Group`s enterprises produce organic chemicals and organic acids (adipic acid, succinic acid, methanol, caprolactam, vinyl acetate, polystyrene).



OSTCHEM production facilities:

  • Azot (Cherkasy, Ukraine)
  • Concern Stirol (Horlivka, Ukraine)
  • Severodonetsk Azot Association (Severodonetsk, Ukraine)
  • Rivne Azot (Rivne, Ukraine)
  • Nitrofert (Estonia)


The distribution segment is represented by UkrAgro NPK, which owns the leading national network consisting of 28 mineral fertilizer warehouses or agricultural supermarkets.


The shipping business is represented by Nika Tera, a specialized seaport with mineral fertilizer and other dry bulk transshipment facilities.