The Group


Group DF is a diversified international group of companies, operating in a number of countries across Europe and Asia. Our core areas of operations are the fertilizer and titanium businesses and gas distribution. Other Group businesses include agribusiness, media and real estate.


Today, Group DF is actively expanding into new business areas. Currently, it is one of the leading chemical industry investors in Eastern Europe.


The founder of Group DF is Dmitry Firtash, a prominent Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist and investor.


Corporate Centre


The Corporate Centre of Group DF, Group DF International, was established to increase the shareholder value of the Group and its businesses. The Corporate Centre assists in development and approvement of the overall strategy and various areas of expansion of the Group and its businesses, helps in drafting and providing the rationale behind strategic and investment decisions for the businesses and the Group. The Corporate Centre also provides help to the Group’s businesses to achieve their strategic objectives and improve efficiency. It also facilitates in carrying out M&A, attracting capital and developing cross-sector synergies.




Group DF is an international group with a passion for establishing new businesses and transforming them into global leaders, and for fostering economic and social development in Ukraine and other regions where it has a presence.

  • We build sector-transforming businesses
  • We invest without geographic boundaries
  • We maximize control over our core assets




Group DF is an international group that is known as a global player:


  • We turn business into sector leaders and launch them on equity markets
  • We draw on the industrial expertise and technologies of our strategic partners
  • We apply best corporate governance practice
  • We are committed to the principles of professionalism