26 May 2021

Nika-Tera seaport set two new records during transshipment of corn to JAG AALOK vessel

Two new records for the rate of grain cargo loading were set in a row at Nika-Tera seaport, a member of Group DF. The record was set when loading a batch of corn on JAG AALOK, a Panamax class vessel owned by Sierentz Global Merchants (Vessel dimensions – length: 229 m, width: 32.26 m, deadweight: 82,023 t).


When loading the bulk carrier at the seaport berths, the maximum daily transshipment rate reached 38,712 t (the previous record was 29,000 tons). During the additional loading in the harbor, the record volume of transshipment reached 20,170 t per day (the previous record was 11,000 t).


In total, 48,147 t were loaded onto JAG AALOK vessel from the seaport berths, and in-harbor transshipment amounted to 20,102 t.


JAG AALOK was loaded using the proven technology of grain transshipment to large-tonnage vessels. To optimize the speed of loading operations, the bulk carrier was placed simultaneously at two berths, and it was loaded using two ship-loaders simultaneously.


Transshipment in the harbor was carried out by Transship company using two floating cranes.


Currently, the vessel owned by Sierentz Global Merchants company with a total volume of corn of 68,250 t is heading to China.

“The new record is the result of cargo operations optimization when handling Supramax and Panamax class bulk carriers. The seaport beat its own record for the intensity of grain transshipment, increasing daily vessels handling capacity by more than a third. We can say with confidence that we have one of the best performance indicators in terms of the rate of transshipment speed in Mykolayiv region. The record we set is the result of planned and systematic approach, it is the target of investments and clear design decisions. We do not attempt to reinvent the wheel, we simply implement the best solutions in the industry. The goal is to satisfy the needs of farmers for high quality and speed of service when handling grains. The seaport of the new generation has no other choice but to change quickly and to follow the market trends,” commented Alim Agakishiev, CEO, Nika-Tera seaport.

The previous record was set at Nika-Tera seaport three weeks ago (7 May 2021), when loading food-grade wheat on VICTORIA MAY, a Supramax class vessel.


Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF invested more than UAH1.5 billion to develop the seaport.


Throughput Ramp-Up Program became the largest investment project. As a part of this program:

  • the number of berths was increased to 8 with a total length of 1900 m;
  • a new weighing facility was built that consists of two technological lines with the capacity of 1800 m3 per hour each;
  • modern production and technology laboratory was upgraded;
  • the fleet of locomotives was brought up to 10 engines (the seaport owns a locomotive depot for maintenance and repairs of diesel locomotives);
  • the length of its own railways has been increased (up to 23 km).
  • The necessary equipment for transshipment of cargo was purchased (4 loading machines with a capacity of up to 1500 t per hour).

The company operates 5 special weighing facilities for unloading freight cars. To optimize logistics operations, additional weight railway facilities are to be built.