04 September 2012

Dmitry Firtash: Media could lead the world out of the economic crisis

020372Media must play an essential role in their countries’ efforts towards curbing the economic crisis and ensuring their economic growth. This was a keynote message voiced by many speakers at the 19th World Editors Forum and the 64th World Press Congress held in Kiev on September 2-5, 2012.


“We are strong proponents of free enterprise. I am particularly referring to small businesses which, I am sure, will make a huge difference. These companies generate a huge social benefit and they are precisely the factor that will power economic growth,” said Miguel Forbes, President for TV and Licensing, Forbes Corp.


He further shared some of the success stories from his publishing holding’s experience, in particular referring to products promotion through blogs and social networks. According to his statistics, about 1000 individual bloggers being in essence private entrepreneurs and independent brands are currently cooperating with Forbes.


Ganna Bezliudna, Director for External Relations and Communications Group DF International, is also positive about the growing role of media in the economic advancement. “I think that the media industry is vital for Ukraine. Only powerful, economically independent media may affect the public opinion catalyzing the processes the society needs. At the end of the day, we will have a more active and educated society, the people capable of developing their economy, their country,” said Ms. Bezliudna.


Miguel Forbes explained that Forbes Corp. supports enterprise around the world – through venture financing. microfinancing, crowd-sourcing and other tools. “We simply help people invest in their own talents and that is the true economic power of media. If creative people are provided with resources you will not believe it how effectively they are going to use the opportunities,” argued Mr. Forbes.


He then quoted Steve Jobbs, the founder of Apple company, saying “Entrepreneurs are crazy people who see the world in their own way. They see no rules. You may praise them or hate them. But you can’t ignore them.”


“Therefore, we are fighting economic problems relying on entrepreneurs’ support as we are sure that new businesses yield a huge benefit for the economy,” concluded Miguel Forbes.


The World Press Congress and the World Editors Forum are held in Ukraine for the first time. Dmitry Firtash’s Group DF is the main sponsor of the two key events in the international media industry.


“For us as for business people hosting the world media forums is a groundbreaking event as we clearly realize that today, the press, the Internet and television have no boundaries. No matter how hard we work in business but if the country is not recognizable, if it gets poor press, this has an impact on the quotations and value of Ukrainian assets,” stressed Mr. Firtash addressing the forum delegates.