Cultural diplomacy

“We hope to increase the capital value of Ukrainian businesses by promoting Ukraine throughout the world.”
Boris Krasnyansky, СЕО of Group DF

The world knows little about Ukraine, to this day. Group DF would like to see our country recognized more positively abroad and to foster a positive image of Ukraine as a European country with a rich cultural heritage and brilliant contemporary culture. After all, the reputation of a country has a serious impact, not only on the inflow of investment, but also on the ability of Ukrainian companies to successfully compete in a global market.




“Days of Ukraine
in the UK”
art exhibition





Group DF’s pilot project in cultural diplomacy was organizing “Days of Ukraine in the UK” in cooperation with the Firtash Foundation, which took place in London in mid-October 2013. This arts project was the first large-scale international event that showed Ukraine from a new angle, deepened understanding of our country among Britons, and gave new impetus to Ukrainian-British relations. Over the three days of this festival, renowned Ukrainian artists, performers, musicians, designers and top artisans showed how colorful Ukraine is: its art, its literature, its classical, ethnic and contemporary music, its fashion, its cuisine, and its handmade work.


In November 2014 an exhibition of the Ukrainian modern art “Premonition: Ukrainian Art Now” took place at London’s Saatchi Gallery as part of the Days of Ukraine in the UK. The exhibition aimed to provide a broad introduction to the diverse and energetic nature of Ukraine’s art-scene through showcasing over 70 works by 38 artists, among whom are Zhanna Kadyrova, Pavlo Krestey, Mykola Matsenko, Victor Sydorenko, Oleg Tystol, Yuriy Pikul, Vlada Ralko. Over 135 000 visitors attended the exhibition to get acquainted with the Ukrainian art.