Synkiv Agro (Synkiv, Ternopil region, Ukraine) is an industrial-scale greenhouse complex, which represents the agribusiness of Group DF. The complex was constructed in 2012.


Synkiv Agro specializes in growing vegetables, cultivating tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Its annual capacity is 4K tonnes of tomatoes, 1,55K tonnes of peppers and 350 tonnes of cucumbers.


The greenhouse complex covers a total area of 20 ha. Its infrastructure consists of the main greenhouse that grows vegetables over 10 ha, a seedling greenhouse capable of growing 8.4 million plants per annum, and a storage and packing workshop.


The total investment into the construction of the greenhouse complex was about USD 30 million.


Synkiv Agro products are mainly sold on the domestic market, although some of its products are exported to CIS countries under the ‘Synkivskiy Yarmarok’ brand.


Synkiv Agro uses state-of-the-art Dutch equipment and advanced Israeli vegetable growing technologies. It is equipped with computerized systems for sprinkling, temperature control, nutrition and fertilization, as well as round-the-clock plant lighting.


Synkiv Agro employs 90 people.