08 October 2015

ZTMC invests UAH 19.5 million in the quality improvement project of titanium sponge to enter the markets of aerospace products



Zaporizhzhya Titanium and Magnesium Combine LLC (part of Group DF titanium business), has launched a large-scale investment program aimed to bring the titanium products to the aerospace market.


The company has invested UAH 19.5 million into the construction project of a special  sponge titanium mixer. The mixer makes the process of mixing different fractions of titanium sponge fully automated and improves the uniformity of the chemical composition of finished products.


“Construction of the titanium sponge mixer is one of the steps aimed to improve the quality of the finished product, and as a result – to expand the range of finished products and obtain new customers. By increasing the technical level and production of commercial batches, which are used for aerospace engineering, we are trying to enter new growing high-margin  aerospace products markets, where ZTMC had never been yet”, the Director of ZTMC Volodymyr Sivak commented.


The sponge titanium mixer project was developed in May 2015, and the construction work began in June 2015.


During the project a number of special technological platforms were equipped, new equipment was purchased and the existing one was upgraded, all the supporting infrastructure was built. Now the project is in the final stage – technological platforms and 90% of the main equipment, including the  mixer, are produced and installed.


According to the business plan, pre-commissioning activities and the deployment into the production chain will start in November.




The new mixer (special neutralizer USTG-6000A) is developed and produced on a request at Betonmash OJSC. The mixer is an automated mechanical mixing drum for blending the crushed titanium sponge, which is made of stainless steel and equipped with a special stirring blades. In addition, the mixer allows making automatic sampling for quality control, and makes it possible to package products into manufacturing containers.