20 June 2023

Vienna court decides on a full review of the case against Dmitry Firtash

Extradition of Dmitry Firtash has been stopped, the case is sent to the first instance court


On June 16, 2023, the Vienna Higher Regional Court decided to review the case on the extradition of Dmitry Firtash and return the case for consideration in the court of the  first instance. Thus, the Vienna Regional Court for Criminal Cases will reconsider the issue of admissibility of extradition taking into account new evidence and facts provided by the parties involved in the case.


Commenting on the decision of the Vienna Higher Regional Court to grant a retrial on the extradition of Dmitry Firtash, announced today, Dr. Dieter Böhmdorfer, counsel for Mr. Firtash, said:

“Of course, this decision is a great relief for our client. Mr. Firtash is highly grateful that the independent Austrian judiciary has examined the newly submitted facts and evidence extremely precisely and objectively and, on this basis, has affirmed the requirements for a retrial. There have been difficult and stressful situations for Mr Firtasch and his family in these very long proceedings. However, Mr Firtasch’s trust in the Austrian rule of law was never shaken.”

The press service of Group DF and the lawyers do not comment on the details of the legal battles and the arguments that convinced the Austrian court to make an objective decision. However, we emphasize that the court’s decision is expected and entirely fair.



“The decision of the Vienna District Court from February 2017 (regarding the extradition of Dmytro Firtash – ed.) is being overturned,” the court’s press release states. “Now, the Vienna Regional Court for Criminal Matters will reconsider the question of the admissibility of extradition based on new evidence.”


For us, this is the expected decision that we have been striving for since June 2019. We believe in the fairness of the European justice system and count on an objective consideration of the case.