14 July 2022

Statement of the press office regarding the situation at “Severodonetskyi “Azot”

In connection with the publication in some propaganda media of information about the plans of the occupiers to resume the activity of “Severodonetskiy “Azot”, press service of Group DF declares the following:

  • At the moment  Ostchem holding that unites nitrogen chemistry enterprises of Group DF has lost control over “Severodonetskyi “Azot”.
  • All statements about the rapid launch of the plant are not real and are spread by representatives of occupying authorities of Severodonetsk under the support of propagandists.
  • The equipment of main and auxiliary workshops suffered serious damage due to open hostilities on the territory of the plant. As a result of shelling both ammonia shops 1-A (the primary reforming furnace were broken , reaction pipes were damaged) and 1-B ( start-up boiler, vacuum hood of condensation system of compression department were damaged),  nitric acid shop (shop building, overpasses were destroyed, the premises were damaged by fire) CСС, process control controller, GTT-3M compressor oil system were destroyed).
  • Almost the whole infrastructure of the enterprise was damaged – water supply and water purification systems, energy supply system, logistics and railway management (railway track, warehouse, transshipment nodes were damaged), two methanol storage facilities were destroyed, four UAN storage facilities were damaged.
  • The most painful thing for the enterprise is complete destruction of “Azot” power supply system. The plant cannot receive electricity either from the “Luhansk Energy Association” (supports and power transformers at Lysychanska-110, Yuvileyna, Shchastya points were damaged) or from Kreminska 500 kV substation (the station was broken).
  •  Destruction of  wastewater treatment system of “Azot” (water supply plant) caused significant damage to Severodonetsk. Before war the company treated 100% of the city’s wastewater.
  • To assess the scale of destruction and damage it is necessary to conduct  technical audit. I is now impossible as the Group does not control the plant and most of the staff have been evacuated.

We consider the situation unacceptable  when the occupiers deliberately put people at risk, forcing them to work at the enterprise. An attempt to start production with violation of basic safety rules can lead to casualties and man-made disaster for the entire region. Large-scale destructions at the plant are not compatible with its safe operation.

We ask journalists not to reproduce fakes and to contact the press service of Group DF for comments. We remind you that a similar situation with  spread of false information about the alleged restoration of the plant was with Horlivka “Stirol” plant (part of nitrogen business of Ostchem ), occupied in 2014. Despite numerous propaganda statements of occupation authorities and stories about its launch, the enterprise continues to be idle.

The Group responsibly declares that after liberation of Severodonetsk the Group’s priority will be  restoration of the company’s activities and search of investments for this.