08 May 2013

Severodonetsk Azot completed scheduled overhaul of its ammonium, potassium and sodium nitrate production shop

SevDon_ANSeverodonetsk Azot Association JSC, part of OSTCHEM holding which consolidates nitrogen chemicals producers of Group DF, completed scheduled overhaul of its ammonium, potassium and sodium nitrate production shop. It was announced by Leonid Bugayev, Chairman of the Board of the company.


“We have managed to complete the overhaul of the ammonium, potassium and sodium nitrate production shop by repairing its equipment without actually stopping production. This helped ensuring safe operation of the equipment, improving quality of the end product while keeping the same output volumes”, explained Leonid Bugayev. According to him, Azot repaired main components and units of the shop while it remained in operation by replacing the components undergoing repairs with the spare ones.


The production capacity of the repaired shop allows production of 20 thousand tons of sodium nitrate, 14 thousand tons of potassium nitrate and 500 thousand tons of ammonium nitrate per year.


According to Valery Slastin, Head of the ammonium, potassium and sodium nitrate production shop, Severodonetsk Azot performed repairs on three shop units simultaneously.


Firstly, to avoid interruptions in ammonium nitrate production, two VDN-20 ventilators have been repaired. The ventilators ensure air supply to the boiling bed of the ammonium nitrate in the granulation tower. Investments into this facility exceeded UAH 1 million.


Secondly, Severodonetsk Azot performed overhaul of four belt conveyers which ensure transportation of granulated ammonium nitrate from granulation towers to the packing and shipping department. Valery Slastin noted that the overhaul not only ensured stable conveyer operations, but also improved the quality of ammonium nitrate having completely excluded dark impregnations in the product.


“By investing significant resources into fixed assets of this OSTCHEM producer we ensured consistently high quality of end products, as well as safe and stable operations of the entire production chain”, said Oleksandr Khalin, General Director of OSTCHEM.


In 2013, Severodonetsk Azot plans to invest UAH 148.6 million in scheduled capital repairs and modernization of its shops. The producer has already repaired its organic synthesis shops, and plans to start repairs of its ammonia shop in August.


In 2012, Severodonetsk Azot spent UAH 125 million on modernization, overhauls and investment projects, while all OSTCHEM’s producers spent the combined UAH 903 million for the same period.