05 September 2022

«Rivneazot» resumed the work of key shops for the production of mineral fertilizers

PJSC ” Rivneazot “being a part of Group DF nitrogen business enterprises has resumed the operation of ammonia complex with  capacity of more than 650 tons of ammonia / day.          


The launch of lime-ammonium nitrate shop with capacity of 1600 tons / day and  non-concentrated nitric acid shop, which is a raw material for the production of fertilizers, with  capacity of 960 thousand tons of nitric acid per year has also started. Thus after carrying out a number of scheduled repairs, Rivneazot resumes the full cycle of production of mineral fertilizers.


«We have started a planned seasonal campaign of launching key workshops. First of all we will increase the production of LAN, the most demanded fertilizer today. Further resumption of production capacities will depend on market conditions – capacities will be loaded in proportion to effective demand. An equally important factor in the activity of the enterprise is the availability of raw materials – availability and current cost of  gas necessary for the production of fertilizers», comments Mikhail Zabluda, Chairman of the Board of PJSC Rivneazot .


According to him the decision to increase production of LAN is connected with gradual recovery of seasonal demand for LAN, as well as with opening of new export opportunities. “Being a part of  Ostchem holding, Rivneazot has been promptly and entirely prepared  for autumn season in order to provide Ukrainian farmers with basic nitrogen fertilizers ,” said Mikhail Zabluda .


The resumption of work was preceded by the completion of the scheduled overhaul of  gas synthesis treatment unit in the Ammonia-2 shop,  overhaul of  turbogenerator unit, as well as the overhaul of unit No. 6 with  capacity of 120 thousand tons per year in the non-concentrated nitric acid shop as well as a number of necessary preliminary works of equipment.