26 September 2014

Regarding the situation in Volnogorsk MMC

Group DF informs that on September 22, 2014 there was a seizure of power at Volnogorsk MMC performed by the group of armed men accompanied by officials of Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration and the officers of the Ministry of Interior of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Failing to show any permits, a group of unidentified people used physical force to break into the company’s territory in an unauthorized, illegal and rude way under the pretext of transferring property, which is on the balance sheet of Crimea TITAN JSC, to the earlier created United Mining and Chemical Company.


Meanwhile, on September 4th, 2014, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv ruled to ban the State Property Fund and other bodies, including law enforcement, from transferring or returning the leased integral property complex to the state before the final decision on the case. Despite this, the order of the court was cynically ignored and violated.


As a result of a violent seizure, people were not allowed to work, and the company’s management was forcefully suspended from administration. As a consequence, manufacturing process was completely disrupted which lead to the stop of the company. Since Volnogorsk MMC is principal employer and mainstay of an entire town, not only 5,000 workers may suffer from its stop becoming unemployed, but the whole town with 24,000 people will be affected.

During 10-year lease of Volnogorsk MMC Crimea TITAN has invested over UAH 850 million in the development of the plant, has paid timely salaries to employees and taxes to the state.


Unlawful use of force with the participation of the state authorities which occurred at the plant is demonstrative and cynical violation of the law, as well as a manifestation of gross disrespect for the rights of the investor.


The company intends to assert their rights and seek restoration of justice using all legal methods.



Read also the Crimea TITAN statement concerning lease of Volnogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Complex and Irshansk Mining and Concentration Complex from 11.09.2014:




To watch the video of seizure of power at Volnogorsk MMC follow the link: http://podrobnosti.ua/criminal/2014/09/23/994762.html