31 March 2012

OSTCHEM supports Ukrainian National Chemistry Olympiad

020327OSTCHEM, a company being part of Dmitry Firtash’s Group DF, has provided support to the 49th Ukrainian National Chemistry Olympiad. The total of 235 thousand high school students took part in the qualification round of which 161 made it to the final stage taking place in the city of Nikolayev on March 27 – 31, 2012.


The competition consisted of two theoretical knowledge tests and one practical round. To secure adequacy of the Olympiad’s material base, OSTCHEM had purchased and transferred all the necessary lab equipment to organizers.


Based on the participants’ performance results, the organization committee and the judges determined 49 award winners: five students were given the 1st Degree Diplomas, thirteen won the 2nd Degree Diplomas and 31 received the 3rdDegree Diplomas.


Four most gifted high school students were selected to represent Ukraine at the International Chemistry Olympiad to take place in the US and at the International Dmitry Mendeleev Olympiad hosted by Kazakhstan: 11-graders Iryna Zaporozhets (city of Balakleya), Dmitry Shibanov (Sevastopol), Igor Cherniukh and a 10-grader Andrey Stelmakh (both from Lviv).


In addition to Diplomas, nine Olympiad winners were presented notebooks from OSTCHEM while their teachers were given certificates for the annual fellowship granted by Group DF.




Dmitry Firtash has been providing systemic support to chemical education incentivizing students’ interest in this science.


Ukrainian students have represented the country at International Chemical Olympiads since 1994. Based on the results of 17 international competitions, our young chemists have won 66 medals of which 10 are gold, 29 – silver and 27 bronze medals. Normally, based on the aggregate team record, Ukraine ranks within the first third of the teams, performing equal to students from Germany and the UK.