05 November 2013

Nika Tera to reduce traffic load on roads and railways in Mykolayiv

NikaTeraNika Tera Specialized Seaport (SSP Nika-Tera LLC) will build special parking sites for trucks and railway cars as well as railroad tracks on two sites of land acquired following the decision made by Mykolayiv City Council on October 31. It will reduce the load on Mykolayiv roads and the Zhovtneva railway station.

The news was unveiled by Oleksandr Gaidu, Chairman of Nika Tera.


“We have decided to build the new parking sites when the local authorities asked us to reduce the load on Korabelov Avenue and Aivazovsky Street where a lot of commercial trucks are usually parked,” said Oleksandr Gaidu.


Nika Tera took on loan the first site of land of 31,000 square meters back in 2009. Since then, Nika-Tera has transformed it by investing about UAH 10 million in developing this area. Now this piece of land is utilised to provide parking services and can accommodate 100 heavy trucks. It helped to partially unclog the streets of Korabelny district in Mykolayiv City.


Because the load on the roads will grow as the port develops, the management of Nika Tera decided to build one more parking site for up to 200 trucks, using the company’s own funds. It is going to be built on the second site of land of 73,165 square meters.


“With the second site, we plan to make a facility for drivers to take some rest when they come here but and wait some time for unloading. The place will have everything necessary to provide a comfortable rest, including a kitchen, showers and restrooms,” said Oleksandr Gaidu.


According to him, Nika Tera will also build railroad tracks on this piece of land to park railway cars. It will reduce the load on the Zhovtneva railway station which has planned cargo traffic capacity up to 5 million tons per year, as it may be unable to cope with the growing cargo traffic.


Earlier, the area of the second site of land belonged to Mykolayiv Concrete Products Plant ‘Chernomorgidrostroy’ which has been in back economic shape since the construction of Okean Plant was completed. In 2011, Nika Tera bought the property of the concrete plant and signed a land lease agreement with Mykolayiv City Council.


The value of the land sites was determined by licensed expert organizations, as ordered by the local authorities.