21 December 2015

Nika-Tera terminal has handled 3.6 million tons of cargo since the beginning of the year

In January-November 2015 the Nika-Tera sea terminal (LLC “SME Nika-Tera” is a part of the Group DF) handled 3 665.6 thousand tons of cargo.


Total turnover of cereal crops amounted to 52.4% (1920.3K tons), mineral fertilizers –17.7% (648.2K tons), bulk cargo – 29.5% (1082.4K tons), general cargo – 0.4% (14.7K tons). Transshipment of transit cargo over the specified period increased by 32% (up to 761K tons) compared to the same period last year. At the same time, the turnover of export cargo decreased by 14% up to 2727.7 thousand tons and transshipment of import cargo – by 28.5% up to 163K tons.


In November 2015 “Nika-Tera” reloaded 301.5K tons of cargo. In November the total turnover of cereal crops amounted to 176K tons, mineral fertilizers – 28.9K tons, bulk cargo –96.6K tons. In November, the company handled 14 bulk carriers. Export cargo amounted to 273.5K tons, import cargo- 10K tons, transit cargo- 18K tons of the total volume of handled cargo.


Cargo diversification projects that we implemented in the third and fourth quarters enabled the businesses to maneuver and be more flexible. We study the demand and promptly “adjust” to the market needs; we transship those goods which are more profitable at the moment, provide those services that are of the highest demand among our regular customers. We follow the customer, so we are able to maintain a high volume of cargo turnover. We use innovations, new modern business solutions that increase marginality of certain business lines. In addition, our project for refractory clay transshipment shows an upward trend: this is a relatively new cargo for us and we are planning to increase its transshipment in the future “, – said Alexander Gaidu, Chairman of the Nika-Tera.


Timely shareholder’s investment and increase in the company capacity enabled to preserve a high volume of transshipment in contrast to GDP decrease and a general decline in the industry. In particular, “Nika-Tera” implemented a large-scale project for construction of a new silo type grain elevator – 18 silos with a capacity of 170 thousand tons have been built. Due to the project implementation the total capacity of the port grain warehouses has increased fivefold – from 40 to 210 thousand tons.