04 August 2017

Nika-Tera sea port increased cargo turnover by 48% and first-ever carried out simultaneous loading of two Panamax vessels




Nika-Tera sea port (Nika Tera Specialized Port LLC is part of the Group DF port business) processed 2,533 million tons of cargo for seven months of 2017, which is 48.3% more than for the same period of last year. In the total volume of cargo turnover, grain transshipment amounted to 63.2% (1600.9 K tons), bulk cargoes – 31.4% (796.2 K tons), chemical and mineral fertilizers – 5.35% (135.4 K tons) and 0.5 K tons of general cargo.


In January-July, Nika-Tera port processed 146 dry-cargo ships.


In July 2017, the terminal transshipped 354 K tons of cargo, increasing last year’s figure by 25.8%. Grain crops accounted for 61.6% (218 K tons) in July, bulk cargoes – 38.4% (135.8 K tons), general cargoes – less than 1% (0.3 K tons). In June the enterprise processed 19 vessels.


The Chairman of Nika-Tera Alim Agakishyev noted that in July first-ever in port’s history two vessels of Panamax type were loaded at the port simultaneously.


“We carried out parallel loading of grain for two large-capacity vessels of Supramax and Panamax types at the berth to 39.2 and 50.2 K tons for 69 and 84 hours respectively. After that, the ships were loaded on the raid of Ochakov (bank of Trutaev) to 55 and 66 K tons, – the Chairman of Nika-Tera Alim Agakishyev commented. – Technologically, the loading scheme has been worked out in detail and the process is very successful. Customers are satisfied with a significant reduction in the loading time of vessels at the berth and loading in the roadstead”. 


According to the top manager, in the near future port plans to increase the handling rate of Panamax vessels, loading each ship with two loaders simultaneously. This technology will reduce the loading time of large-capacity vessels at the quay wall for 1.5 days or more.


Earlier, for the maintenance of all types of vessels, which are passing through the Bug-Dnipro-Limansk canal (including Panamax type vessels), dredging operations to the level of 11.75 m were carried out in the Nika-Tera port. In addition, the terminal began using the 2nd line shipment of grain cargo at the completed berth, 300 m long, on which a new loader with appropriate equipment was installed and put into operation