12 August 2014

Nadra Bank offers repayment holiday to the residents of Donets and Lugansk regions

Nadra Bank offers repayment holiday to the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Loan restructuring program ‘One Ukraine’ covers migrants and residents of the eastern regions of Ukraine, who have no possibility to repay their debts today. Thus, the borrowers are released from obligation to pay interest and monthly commissions for the loan use.


Besides, upon expiration of repayment holiday during the next three months the interest rate for the loan use will set at 50% of the rate and monthly commission.


Loyalty program ‘One Ukraine’ applies to individuals and individual entrepreneurs who use such loans as auto loan, consumer mortgage credits, hypothecation, credits for purchase of consumer immovables, mortgage loans for repair, etc.

“Eastern Ukraine has faced a real disaster. Many residents of Lugansk and Donetsk regions have lost their homes, jobs. The majority of them were forced to leave home. Today those people need all-round support both from the government, and from the society, as well as businesses”, said Dmytro Zinkov, Nadra Bank Chairman of the Board. “Everyone must realize that we are one country, and it is our duty at tough times to help each other. This is not only the major principle of Nadra Bank social strategy, the bank for each family, but also the basic criterion in creation of new products and offers which consider all severities of today’s situation”.