13 May 2013

“Investgazeta” recognized Boris Krasnyansky as Transformation Management Leader

Top-100Boris Krasnyansky, CEO of Group DF, was recognized as “Transformation Management Leader” by the reputable “TOP-100. The Best Top Managers of Ukraine” rating drawn up by “Investgazeta”, the leading Ukrainian business weekly magazine. The rating is traditionally based on the results of a survey conducted among Ukraine’s senior executives.


Boris Krasnyansky became CEO of Group DF in September 2012. This was a “landmark” appointment according to the magazine, as Krasnyansky “started creating a new face for the Group”. His main task has been transformation of the Group into a transparent business attractive to investors as well as strengthening the Group’s position as a major player on the global markets.


“We are transforming Group DF’s businesses by giving them edge over the competition and increasing their attractiveness for financial markets. We have ambitious plans for further growth. Today we manage businesses which transform the landscapes of whole sectors on a national level. In this way, we are also enhancing Ukraine’s competitiveness on the global markets”, said Boris Krasnyansky.


Before joining Group DF, Krasnyansky worked at PwC for more than 15 years. For the last seven years of that period he was PwC’s Managing Partner in Ukraine, as well as being the Head of PwC Supervisory Board in the CEE and CIS regions which included 29 countries. From 2003 to 2005, Mr. Krasnyansky was Chairman of the Board at IDF Capital, one of the largest investment and financial groups in Russia.


Today Krasnyansky continues to work on consolidation and structuring of Group DF. Together with senior executives of the Group, he devises development strategies for the Group’s businesses as well as developing a new system of Group DF’s corporate governance according to best international standards.

“The biggest challenge for a manager who leads transformations is overcoming reluctance to accept these processes by the majority of people to whom this transformation relates. Such a manager should be highly flexible and patient. It is crucial to be able to communicate with people and to find the necessary motivation for the team”, said Boris Krasnyansky in his interview published in the “TOP-100. The Best Top-Managers of Ukraine”.




The “TOP-100” project is a supplement to “Investgazeta”, the leading Ukrainian business weekly magazine. This project run by the “Economy” publishing house draws up a series of ratings of Ukrainian business, including the rating of Ukraine’s best companies, best senior executives, and biggest and most efficient companies.


Over 17 years of its existence, the “TOP-100” magazine developed and unbiased and sophisticated rating system involving professional experts. Ratings, reviews and expert materials published in the magazine help to identify leaders in various sectors, as well as major sector trends.


This year, the winners were selected in the following nominations: “Transformation Management Leader”, “Anti-Crisis Manager”, “Quality Management Control”, “Best Strategy Manager”, “Marketing and Sales Management Leader”, “Investment Management Leader”, “M&A Leader”.