15 August 2023

Group DF Strongly Denies Accusations Made by Ukrainian Authorities

Group DF firmly and categorically denies all allegations made by Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) and Economic Security Bureau (ESBU) against its businesses, top-level executives, and shareholder, Mr. Dmytro Firtash. Group DF emphatically asserts that the recent series of searches conducted at its enterprises, the initiation of criminal cases, and the dissemination of groundless suspicions and accusations by the SBU lack any legal foundation. Group DF perceives these actions as part of an ongoing campaign of corrupt pressure directed at its business operations.


As a country at the forefront of the fight for European values, Ukraine must respect the rule of law and refrain from engaging in unlawful business expropriation.


Group DF hereby declares that the accusations recently publicized in the SBU’s materials are unfounded and lack consistency. Our dedicated team of legal professionals, representing both the Group and our  shareholder, will vigorously defend the interests of its businesses, personnel, and the shareholder in both Ukrainian and international courts. We are confident that the truth will prevail.


Detention of corporate rights for the assets of the Group will not affect the operation of our businesses: they continue to work on a regular basis, entirely fulfilling all obligations to our partners within the terms specified in contracts.


REFERENCE. Group DF, like many other major enterprises in Ukraine, has suffered significant losses during the ongoing conflict. Despite facing forced shutdowns, disruptions to operations, the loss of assets, and physical destruction of our enterprises, Group DF has consistently supported and will continue to support the the defence effort against the Russian aggression. Group DFs direct assistance to Ukrainian citizens, cities, and the Armed Forces has surpassed UAH 826.4 million during this full-scale war.