11 July 2023

Group DF statement regarding bombing of the port of “Nika-Tera”. UPDATED

Press service of Group DF officially confirms that during  17 months of  war the port of “Nika- Tera” was subjected to direct fire more than 10 times. According to preliminary estimates the total damage from the consequences of aggression amounted to more than UAH 1 billion.

On June 4, 2022  Russians carried out one of the large-scale attacks on the Nika- Tera port. As a result of the aggression 3 floor warehouses with a total area of 13,349 square meters, which were used to store grain and oil crops, as well as their processing products, with a total storage volume of 105 thousand tons, were completely destroyed. As a result of this shelling about 35,000 tons of sunflower meal were completely destroyed in warehouses.

4 silages, 2 grain hoppers and a grain drying complex were damaged on August 30, 2022. As a result of fire and its subsequent extinguishing about 11,000 tons of grain were damaged and about 1,000 tons were completely destroyed.

As a result of all shellings, a large amount of other property of the port was also damaged: 4 grain silages, 2 grain hoppers and a grain drying complex, railway locomotives, transshipment equipment and motor vehicles, electrical substations, gas and electricity supply systems, as well as administrative buildings, workshops and utility buildings were damaged. For the caused damage “Nika-Tera” will demand payment of reparations for restoration of port infrastructure, compensation for lost profit and material compensation to the families of the affected employees.

In connection with continuation of war and  blockade of the ports of  Mykolaiv region the port “Nika- Tera” is in a risk zone, therefore, all restoration works will begin immediately after the end of war.