12 May 2014

Group DF Statement Regarding Deliberate Mislead of the General Public about Group DF

Group DF finds it unacceptable that certain Ukrainian politicians campaigning for elections deliberately mislead the general public by publicly proclaiming false information about Group DF.


We officially confirm that neither Russian politicians nor Russian businessmen are among the shareholders of Group DF and its assets. Group DF is fully owned by Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash.


The expansion of the Group and consolidation of new assets is done strictly in compliance with the Ukrainian legislation. Group DF acquired the majority of its large industrial companies on the secondary market, while those assets consolidated following privatisation were acquired through tenders. The Group also received clearances from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other regulators, as necessary according to the Ukrainian legislation.


We urge politicians to refrain from mischievous statements which may harm reputation of the Group and its owner, as well as destabilising operations of Group DF’s industrial companies.


We should also note that, throughout the period of escalation of the situation in the country, Group DF consistently stated its support of Ukraine’s integrity, and urged Ukraine’s authorities, businesses and the wider public to unite in support of the country. In his interview on 11 May 2014, Dmitry Firtash stated his full support of Ukraine’s integrity. “I am convinced that Ukraine should be a powerful, neutral and independent state”.