11 February 2014

Group DF invested over UAH 200 million in Nika Tera seaport in 2013

Nika_Tera_shipIn 2013, Group DF invested over UAH 200 million in Nika Tera Specialized Seaport (SSP Nika Tera LLC). The company implemented a range of projects aimed at increasing grain and mineral fertilizers storage and transshipment capacities – the main freight of the port.


“As part of the port’s strategic development program, we continue to build a state-of-the-art highly mechanized sea terminal by investing in increasing its output, improvement of quality and faster service. In 2013, we invested over UAH 200 million into expanding grain and fertilizers transshipment capacities, as well as speeding up the mineral fertilizer transshipment process,” noted Oleksandr Gaidu, Chairman of Nika Tera.


As such, in 2013 Nika Tera invested UAH 111.8 million in construction of a new silo-type granary with the storage capacity of 170 thousand tons. After the facilities are commissioned, the total capacity of granaries will increase more than fivefold – from the current 40 to 210 thousand tons. Starting from the end of 2011, Group DF invested UAH 341.8 million in construction of the granary. As part of this project, Nika Tera has also extended a pier where grain transshipment takes place, which helped to double its daily loading capacity.


Also in 2013, the terminal invested around UAH 12.6 million in construction of a new urea transshipment section. The up-to-date facilities include a urea storage warehouse with the capacity of 50 thousand tons, railway car unloading station, and all required infrastructure to maintain the complex. As the result, the total capacity of undercover warehouses for mineral fertilizers has increased from 125 to 175 thousand tons. The total cost of construction of the new urea transshipment section is UAH 82.6 million.


Nika Tera made significant investments of UAH 14.4 million in technical modernization, including purchase of necessary transshipment equipment. Moreover, to increase the port’s output and speed up the mineral fertilizer transshipment process, a new hoisting machine with the capacity of 1500 ton/hour was installed. Group DF’s total investments to launch the facilities amount to UAH 7.2 million.


Additionally, Nika Tera continues to improve the quality of servicing its clients and working conditions for its employees. As such, in 2013, the port completed construction of an area for grain-carriers (total investments amounted to UAH 10 million, with UAH 4.5 million spent in 2013), and completed construction of a new administrative building (total investments amounted to UAH 10.8 million, with UAH 3.8 million spent in 2013). According to Oleksandr Gaidu, the company actively invested in improvement of its main and adjacent territories, as well as in upgrading of piers.