19 September 2015

Dmitry Firtash won the court case against Yulia Tymoshenko in the US District Court in New York

The United State District Court in New York has taken a decision in favor of Dmitry Firtash in the case initiated by the former prime-minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko and a group of plaintiffs.


In its decision, the Court (U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood) granted a motion rejecting the former prime-minister’s claims against Dmitry Firtash as lacking a proper basis. The Court held that Yulia Tymoshenko failed to make a proper complaint against Mr. Firtash. 


Yulia Tymoshenko has made four failed attempts in the United States to accuse Dmitry Firtash of money laundering and allegedly using the money to pay Ukrainian prosecutors whose actions led to her imprisonment.  The Federal Judge in New York, Judge Kimba Wood, has rejected all four of Yulia Tymoshenko’s attempts and dismissed all her claims.


The court dismissed the claim “with prejudice”, the Court’s decision says, meaning that Yulia Tymoshenko is not allowed to amend her complaint and refile it.  As a result, the Court ordered the case to be closed. 


Thus, all the plaintiffs’ attempts to accuse Dmitry Firtash have been dismissed in the U.S. court.


From the very beginning, Group DF considered the claims made by Yulia Tymoshenko in this case to be purely an instrument of geopolitical pressure on Dmitry Firtash and his businesses and without any basis.  The Court agreed that the claims cannot stand and that the case should be dismissed because Yulia Tymoshenko’s accusations in her complaint lack a proper basis, something we have maintained consistently. The accusations are groundless. We welcome the Court’s decision to close this baseless case, which should never have been brought in the first place. This decision is important for the reputation of the shareholder and his business.