01 July 2014

Deposit portfolio of Nadra Bank retail clients increased by UAH 1 billion in June 2014

Nadra_RUSIn June, the retail clients of Nadra Bank deposited about UAH 1 billion with the bank. Bank’s specialists note that Ukrainians make on the average more than 800 deposits daily for the amount exceeding UAH 53 million.


Three- and six-month deposits were most popular in June, with the short-term 1-month deposits were less popular. Thus, from among more than 17 thousand deposits made out in June, over half fell on the 3-month deposits, with 23% falling on the 6-month deposits.


“We’ve been observing the tendency toward the growth of deposit portfolio since the middle of spring. But drastic positive changes in the flow of household deposits took place at the end of May”, noted Sergei Kozlov, Nadra Bank’s Retail Business Director. “Thus, in June the amount of daily deposits placed by Ukrainians was 1,5 times higher than that in May 2014. All this demonstrates the fact that our citizens’ confidence with the banking system grows steadily. After the early year anxiety the depositors are getting on to the fact that keeping money home is simply gainless and insecure. Besides, today Nadra Bank offers one of the most attractive deposit conditions”.


In particular, the depositors favor most the offer titled “Golden interest” which implies the 3-month deposit at 24% per annum in the national currency; 12% – in USD, and 11% – in Euro. Within the framework of this campaign, each client formalizing the deposit automatically becomes the participant of the drawing with gold bars as the prize. Two clients have already got the precious metal bars, while the next winner will be announced in mid-July.