12 November 2013

Crimean Soda Plant to allocate UAH 20 million for an energy efficiency project in Krasnoperekopsk

crimsodaCrimean Soda Plant, part of Group DF, has launched a project aimed at implementing energy-efficient technologies in Krasnoperekopsk.


“This project will see an overhaul of the city gas network, as well as construction of 18 boiler stations,” explained Vladyslav Shmelkov, Chairman of the Board of Crimean Soda Plant JSC. “This project is part of the Memorandum for Cooperation and Social Partnership signed earlier with the city of Krasnoperekopsk, which we continue to implement.”


In 2014, Crimean Soda Plant will allocate a combined UAH 20 million to implement this energy efficiency project in Krasnoperekopsk.


“Thanks to this project, all kindergartens and schools of the city, as well as the local hospital, will enjoy their own heating and hot water supplies. The residents of Krasnoperekopsk will now be able to switch to independent heating, which will help reduce their energy expenses,” explained the Mayor of Krasnoperekopsk Taras Filipchuk.


The Memorandum for Cooperation and Social Partnership was signed by the city authorities, Crimean Soda Plant JSC, and the owner of the company and Chairman of the Group DF Supervisory Council Dmitry Firtash. Under this memorandum, Crimean Soda Plant helps to address the most pressing problems in Krasnoperekopsk, primarily related to utilities and social infrastructure. As part of the first phase of implementing this Memorandum, Crimean Soda Plant has already allocated UAH 35.5 million for overhauling the Palace of Culture of Krasnoperekopsk in 2013.


According to Vladyslav Shmelkov, the company provides systematic support to Krasnoperekopsk by implementing various projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the city residents.


Thanks to Crimean Soda Plant, the residents of Krasnoperekopsk pay only half of their water supply costs. The other half is compensated by the company, according to the initiative of Dmitry Firtash, the owner of Crimean Soda Plant.