24 April 2013

Concern Stirol to spend over UAH 1 million on modernization of the Gorlivka tram depot

tramsConcern Stirol, part of OSTCHEM holding, will help the Gorlivka city tram depot (Donetsk region). The producer will spend over UAH 1 million on repairing six city trams, purchasing construction materials for the depot, as well as computer equipment, machine tools, instruments and working clothes for operating personnel.


“We visited the depot at the request of its senior management and we saw that it was in a critical state. The tram fleet was worn out, and physical infrastructure of the depot required urgent modernization. We decided to help the city to improve its transport infrastructure. City dwellers of the region will feel the improvement very soon”, said Sergiy Pavlyuchuk, Head of the Board of Concern Stirol, JSC.


The Gorlivka tram depot currently services the passenger flow of 365 thousand people per month, 300 thousand of which use it for free through benefits.

“The help from Stirol gave us hope of reviving the Gorlivka tram for it to perform its main task again which is connecting remote districts of our city with its center. The assistance from Concern Stirol, which we are already receiving, will allow us not only to roll out six modernized tram cars, but also to improve working conditions for the depot personnel. This will include repairs of workshops and auxiliary buildings as well as purchasing new working clothes”, says Mykhailo Konovalchikov, Head of the Gorlivka Tram and Trolleybus Administration.


Concern Stirol has been helping Gorlivka and its citizens as part of the “Preserve Your City” initiative which Group DF producers implement in cities of their industrial operations.


In 2011-2013, Concern Stirol spent more than UAH 40 million on various corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company has been implementing major infrastructure improvement projects in Gorlivka since 2011. The biggest projects include restoring 10 km of urban roads, repairing a dialysis section of nephrology department at a local hospital, construction of a clinic. Another project which is currently in progress is restoration of the Stirol Culture and Sports Centre, the main concert location in Gorlivka. In 2013, more than UAH 50 million will be spent on various environmental projects.


The “Preserve Your City” programme was initiated by Dmitriy Firtash, the founder of Group DF. It is aimed to improve social standards in areas of operations of the Group’s industrial units. This initiative covers restoration of cultural, educational and health care institutions, residential houses and roads, as well as reconstruction of water supply and sewage networks and improvement of urban transport infrastructure.


Similar urban transport improvement projects are also implemented by other Group DF’s production units. As such, Severodonetsk Azot Association has already purchased 10 trolleybuses for the city, while Azot JSC will also buy trolleybuses for Cherkasy. The main city squares and palaces of culture have been restored in both Armiansk and Cherkasy.


“We are committed to helping the cities of our industrial operations. These are investments into the wellbeing of our employees, their families, as well as local residents in general. Assistance to local communities is especially vital for small cities and towns. Local budgets cannot always sustain development of cities and improvement of wellbeing of their residents. We are convinced that it is the duty of local industrial operations to lend their shoulder to such cities”, explained Oleksandr Khalin, Chief Executive Officer of OSTCHEM.


In 2010-2013, OSTCHEM’s chemical producers spent a combined UAH 134.2 million on development of social infrastructure of the cities of their operations.