17 July 2013

Cherkassy Azot completed repairs at its ammonia production shop

Cherkassy_logoCherkassy Azot, PJSC (part of OSTCHEM holding) has completed repairs at its A-3 ammonia production shop.


“One after the other, we shut down two units of the A-3 shop for overhaul. All repairs have now been successfully completed”, said Vitaly Sklyarov, Chairman of the Board of Azot, PJSC. “Thanks to a series of scheduled modernization works on the A-3 shop we managed to reduce gas consumption by almost 2%.”

The repairs of the A-3 shop included revision of shop containers and devices, as well as all required maintenance works. The repair operations, which lasted one month, were performed by divisions and maintenance departments of Cherkassy Azot.


“Our estimates show that implementation of modernization program for this shop alone will ensure cost advantages of more than UAH 10 million,” says Oleg Kikta, Chief Finance Officer of OSTCHEM. “We gradually invest in modernization of all OSTCHEM producers. The goal is to reach a concrete economic effect, which is reduced prime cost of products due to lower gas consumption.”


Cherkassy Azot operates two ammonia shops: A-3 (two units) and A-5 (one unit). The capacity of the A-3 shop allows production of 1200 tons/day, while the capacity of the A-5 shop is 1700 tons/day. Ammonia producing shops are usually shut down for repairs in the summer, when the demand for nitrogen fertilizers slows down.


In 2012, OSTCHEM invested around UAH 903 million in its production companies.




Azot, PJSC (Cherkassy) is part of OSTCHEM holding which consolidates nitrogen fertilizer producers of Group DF. Cherkassy Azot produces nitrogen mineral fertilizers (ammonia, urea, ammonia nitrate, UAN), caprolactam, ion exchange resins and other products. The company employs around 4.5 people. It is certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management.


In 2012, Cherkassy Azot produced 879.927 thousand tons of ammonia nitrate; 775.739 thousand tons of urea; 699.208 thousand tons of regular nitric acid; 866.238 thousand tons of liquid ammonia; 57.599 thousand tons of technological liquid ammonia.

In the first five months of 2013, the company produced 448.838 thousand tons of ammonia nitrate; 356.269 thousand tons of urea; 432.344 thousand tons of liquid ammonia; 355.338 thousand tons of nitric acid.