05 July 2023

Aid of Group DF businesses to ukrainians and army since the beginning of the war exceeded UAH 848.6 million

  • Humanitarian aid reached more than 5.6 million Ukrainians.
  • Key areas of assistance: support for the military and restoration of infrastructure of cities and villages affected by war.

From the beginning of  full-scale war until July 1, 2023 Group DF businesses provided assistance to Ukrainians and Armed Forces in total amount of UAH 848.6 million.

The shareholder, employees of enterprises, volunteer groups, as well as all businesses of the Group are involved in support projects of Ukraine – nitrogen ( amount of aid is UAH 342.5 million ), gas ( UAH 485.3 million ), titanium ( UAH 3.4 million ), port and logistics ( UAH 17.4 million ).

In addition to assistance to  Armed Forces (which is the main direction) the Group businesses concentrated their assistance on the following areas: humanitarian support for the population of 12 cities and 16 villages , restoration of energy infrastructure, support for doctors and special assistance to regions affected by floods related to the explosion of the Kakhovskaya Dam .

Since the beginning of  war humanitarian aid has reached more than 5.6 million people throughout Ukraine.

Group DF assistance to Ukraine during the war

Key aid projects:

The project “Car for  Armed Forces” – purchase of 952 cars  including targeted orders of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Each of the vehicles has undergone a full technical inspection and has been retrofitted for front-line work.

“Counteroffensive” project – purchase of anti-drone systems ( 3 units ), radio-electronic detection and jamming systems ( 8 units ), conversion of vehicles for air defense ( 9 units ), supply of mobile headquarters ( 13 units ), purchase of drones ( 138 units . ).

Let’s warm our people” project – Rivneazot and Cherkasy Azot plants, as well as RGC Production  produced 2,200 stoves for  Armed Forces and supplied 260 generators for civilian and military needs.

The “Medicine” project – purchased and delivered medical drugs and equipment for hospitals and clinics in 12 regions . By order of the Ministry of Health medicines ( 1,760 tons ) were handed over, as well as medical equipment: monitors, ophthalmoscopes, laryngoscopes, portable breathing apparatus for adults and children. Nitrogen enterprises of OSTCHEM holding ship medical oxygen ( 489 thousand cubic meters ) to hospitals. The Group enterprises support the Children’s Heart BF (aid to the Children’s Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Centre “Okhmatdit” for children affected by the explosions).

The project “Restoration of cities” – restoration of energy infrastructure and water supply (restoration of networks, assistance in the repair of destroyed educational institutions, buildings in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine).

Oleg ARESTARKHOV, Head of corporate communications of Group DF:

Today, every hryvnia of assistance of Group DF is, in a certain sense, turning into a ” counter-offensive ” weapon. In agreement with headquarters we continue to implement individual projects, help certain brigades and units of Armed Forces. In addition, our businesses are focused on humanitarian areas of assistance – this is support for affected families, restoration of urban infrastructure, assistance to doctors. In June we promptly responded to Kakhovka HES environmental disaster by providing humanitarian aid to victims in two regions. Group DF businesses continue to help Ukraine no matter how difficult it is for them.

About a quarter of all aid is provided through charitable foundations: YRZ Non-Profit gemeinnurtzige UG, BF “Free Air”, “All-Ukrainian Fund for Assistance to the Families of Ukrainian Heroes “DRUG”, PO “Help the Front”, Voluntary Formation No. 8 “Lisovyk”, BF “Ukrainian Social Protection”, BF “Volunteers of Podillia”, BF ” Lazar”, BF “Communities of Zhytomyr”, BF “Teple Misto”.

CERTIFICATE. In 2022 Group DF businesses provided assistance to Ukrainians and  Armed Forces in  total amount of UAH 588.7 million . In addition the Group transferred UAH 100 million to special accounts of the NBU for the provision of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. A project was implemented to evacuate more than 300,000 people to safer areas. In addition, a special operation was carried out to evacuate foreign citizens from ships blocked in the Black Sea. As of June 2023, the assistance of  army and TD covers: the purchase of thermal imagers (216), body armors (670), tactical clothing (5012), fuel (91,200 l), drones (138), as well as night vision devices, stoves, helmets, ammunition , generators, performing a number of technical works. Under  humanitarian direction the following is being carried out:  organization of temporary accommodation, equipment of premises, provision of water (35,000 l), food (54,000 kg), medicines (1,760 tons), as well as the creation of Social services to help displaced people and “points of invincibility” (25).