25 June 2021

Address by Group DF International, an Austrian holding owned by Dmytro Firtash

Dear contractors, partners and employees of the Group DF companies!


On 24 June 2021, a Decree of the President of Ukraine was published, imposing personal sanctions against the Group DF shareholder, as well as sanctions against one of the Group’s companies. We are convinced that these sanctions were imposed absolutely unfairly. However, we do not intend to comment in detail on the decision of the National Security and Defense Council in this address.


First of all, the Group declares that we and our businesses operate as usual. We currently fulfill and will continue to fulfill our obligations both to consumers of our products and to tens of thousands of our employees and their families.


We are determined to deliver on our contractual obligations for the supply of products and provision of services by all the Group’s businesses: nitrogen, titanium, gas, logistics, port and other ones.


The Group’s companies produce, ship and deliver mineral fertilizers to tens of thousands of agricultural enterprises supplying food to the whole of Ukraine. They deliver raw materials and goods to many large domestic and foreign industrial enterprises and transship international cargo in our port. Our businesses contribute to the rise in exports of Ukrainian goods.


The group will continue to ensure the stable work of more than 50,000 employees of our companies, paying decent salaries and providing social guarantees. We assure you that the Group DF plans and priorities remain unchanged. We will continue to develop our businesses in Ukraine and other countries where Group DF operates.


We are a strong socially responsible business, primarily thanks to you, our employees and business partners.