11 September 2023

Group DF press service comment regarding the situation with Cherkasy “Azot” plant

In connection with appearance in some mass media of information about the supposedly planned sale at auction of SE “SETAM” of the entire Cherkasy “Azot” plant, the press service of Group DF reports. Information about sale of the plant is untrue and frankly false. Currently 4 non-core non-production premises of the plant not related to the production process are put up for sale at the auction of SE “SETAM”. We are talking about garages, separate warehouses, office premises and non-working workshop buildings that have not been used by the company for more than 20 years.

We emphasize that sale of these premises will in no way affect the production process and the plant capacity. On the contrary we plan to increase the plant capacity and modernize production in order to reduce cost of production.

Today the enterprise remains a key player in the Ukrainian market and fulfills 100% of signed contracts according to the schedule. Receivables and payables are fully under control, the enterprise has purchased enough gas for production and will continue to produce and ship fertilizers strictly according to the production schedule.

We are convinced that unscrupulous competitors of OSTCHEM plants are engaged in spreading misinformation and similar “information fakes “. Journalists are asked to contact the press service of Group DF for comments and objective information”.