GROUP DF Businesses

  • Fertilizer Business
  • Titanium Business
  • Gas Distribution
  • Banking
  • Agribusiness
  • Soda Ash Business
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Real Estate
  • Media Business

Fertilizer Business

The Fertilizer Business of Group DF includes mineral fertilizer production, distribution and shipment represented by OSTCHEM and its four production units, UkrAgro NPK warehouses and Nika Tera seaport

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Titanium Business

The Titanium Business of Group DF includes titanium mining and enrichment, and titanium dioxide production. It is represented by Crimea TITAN, the largest producer in Eastern Europe, and four mining and enrichment complexes

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Gas Distribution

Group DF holds interests in regional natural gas distribution companies across Ukraine. We are interested in further developing this business segment of the Group via consolidation of assets in this sector

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The Banking Business of Group DF is represented by Nadra Bank. Being one of the leading banks in Ukraine, Nadra Bank is in the top-four in terms of its regional reach, and in the top-five for its number of branches and divisions

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Group DF’s agribusiness segment is represented by DF Agro holding company and includes the DF Agro (Synkiv) greenhouse complex – the largest in the Western Ukraine and one of the most advanced in Europe

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Soda Ash Business

Group DF's soda ash business is represented by Crimean Soda Plant, the sole soda ash producer in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe, and limestone mining at the Northern Baksan deposit by Bilogirski Vapniaky

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Energy Infrastructure

Group DF’s energy infrastructure development business is represented by the ZANGAS group of construction companies specialised in oil and gas pipeline and infrastructure development projects

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Real Estate

The real estate business segment of Group DF is specialized mainly in property development and management in Ukraine, and includes the Parus Business Centre and Arena City shopping and entertainment complex

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Media Business

Group DF’s Media Business is represented by Inter Media Group, a vertically integrated Ukrainian media group which includes INTER, К1, К2, NTN, Mega, Enter Film, Enter Music, Zoom and Pixel TV channels

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