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Port «NIKA-TERA» started to accept sunflower meal of crop year 2020

SSP «NIKA-TERA», a member of Group DF, has started accumulation of sunflower meal crop year 2020.

Today the port «NIKA-TERA» accepted the first cars with sunflower meal produced by the Ukrainian oil extraction factory. The cargo will be transshipped in the second cargo area. It is planned that the meal will be delivered to the port, both by rail and by tracks.

The meal is stored in four warehouses with a total capacity of 90 thousand tons. The shipment of meal for export will take place from two berths of the port using two loading machines of 1500 tons per hour each.

“The first consignments of oilseed meal produced from sunflower seeds of the new harvest marked the beginning of a new 2020/2021 marketing year for the transshipment of sunflower seed processing products — sunflower oil and meal. We worked out in detail all the business processes for transshipment of this type of cargo, we managed to improve the quality and speed of work. This was facilitated by the commissioning of a new berthing weighing complex in May this year. Sunflower producers are also given the opportunity to transship not only meal, but also sunflower oil — the main processed product. We have modern facilities for its storage and transshipment,” – commented Harbormaster of «SSP Nika-Tera» Alim Agakishiev.

Earlier, port had realized an investment project to launch the second stage of an sunfloweroil transshipment complex with a capacity of 30 thousand tons of one-time storage. The transshipment capacity of the Cargo Area No. 4 reached 900 thousand tons per year, and the volume of one-time storage of liquid bulk cargo reached 63.4 thousand tons. m3. Sunflower oil transshipment can be carried out simultaneously on two tankers located at two different piers.

The shareholder of the port invested about 40 million UAH in the modernization and re-profiling of Cargo District № 2 of the transshipment mineral fertilizers for the grain crops and meal. Since 2011, Group DF has invested 1.56 billion UAH in the development of NIKA-TERA.

In the 2019/2020 marketing year, Ukraine exported more than 3.62 million tons of sunflower meal. The main importers of Ukrainian meal were China, India, Belarus, Turkey and Morocco.