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The first agrarian supermarket is opened in the Ukraine port

Farmers will benefit from the joint project of the distribution network between «UkrAgro NPK» and «NIKA-TERA» seaport (Mykolayiv) and reduce their logistics costs.

“UkrAgro NPK” distribution network and NIKA-TERA Specialized Sea Port (both companies are part of the Group DF) jointly opened the first agricultural supermarket in Ukraine on the territory of the port.

In terms of the format, agricultural supermarket is a wholesale and retail warehouse store. The outlet targets both the port clients and the farmers of Mykolayiv and Odesa regions.

“I am sure that the agricultural supermarket in our port opened at the right time and at the right place. The opening of this outlet is intended to satisfy the demand of our agricultural clients, – comments Alim Agakishiev, Harbormaster, SSP Nika-Tera. Previously, the farmer or the trader delivered the crops to the port for transshipment, unloaded it and drove back empty, now they will have an opportunity to buy the fertilizers or other products necessary for farming and go back loaded. We try to reduce the logistics costs of our customers.»

The open market place is fully equipped to receive, store, pack and ship products. Legally, the new point of sale is the official representative office of PJSC «UkrAgro NPK».

“Our pricing strategy is to offer our clients the products at the most competitive prices in the region. Initially, the product line includes various types of nitrogen and compound fertilizers in various types of packaging. We are planning to gradually expand our product line and will sell seeds, plant protection products and other chemicals. In the future we will be able to sell other goods and services in demand by farmers, agricultural producers and traders», – says Volodymyr Dovbnya, CEO, UkrAgro NPK.



PJSC “UkrAgro NPK” is the largest network of warehouses in Ukraine selling mineral fertilizers. It is a part of the Group DF nitrogen business. The network consists of 31 warehouses located all over  Ukraine. Since 2002, the company has been working with the trusted manufacturers who have successfully proven themselves in the Ukrainian and foreign markets. All products traded through the network are registered, certified and in full compliance with the international quality standards.


Building a strong network of agricultural supermarkets (regional warehouses) all over Ukraine is a part of the general strategy of Group DF nitrogen business. By developing its own distribution network, Group DF nitrogen business strives to increase its own competitive advantages among the producers of mineral fertilizers and importers. Group DF owns four fertilizer plants in Ukraine (PJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy), PJSC “Concern Stirol” (Horlivka), PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” (Severodonetsk), PJSC “Rivneazot”(Rivne), three of which are up and running.

The expansion of UkrAgro NPK network of regional warehouses to sell mineral fertilizers is also the part of the marketing strategy of the Group DF nitrogen business designed to reduce the distance between the producer and the consumers and to improve the sales numbers.


Aside from making the sales convenient, UkrAgro NPK warehouses serve not only as agricultural supermarkets, they are also used to build sufficient stocks in order to quickly meet the increased demand for mineral fertilizers during spring and autumn seasons.


UkrAgro NPK provides agricultural producers with services of storage, delivery and application of fertilizers in the fields. Possessing modern technology for the introduction of anhydrous ammonia, the company annually cultivates up to 100 000 ha for sowing corn, sunflower and sugar beet.


PrJSC UkrAgro NPK became a part of Group DF in 2012. The purchase of the network by a large investor — Group DF — gave the opportunity to attract investments necessary to upgrade existing warehouses, purchase the equipment and develop the network.


UkrAgro NPK is one of the five largest suppliers of mineral fertilizers in Ukraine and the largest producer of fertilizer mixtures.