Titanium business

PJSC «Ukrainian Chemical Products» (previously "Crimea Titan") (Armiansk, Crimea) is the largest titanium dioxide producer in Eastern Europe, with about a 2% share of the world market. Ukrainian Chemical Products produces mineral fertilizer, sulphuric acid and related products.


In 2004, Ukrainian Chemical Products became a part of Group DF’s titanium business and is now part of a vertically integrated complex.


Ukrainian Chemical Products' annual production capacity is 110K tonnes of titanium dioxide.


Ukrainian Chemical Products is the main supplier of titanium dioxide on the domestic market. About 90% of its titanium dioxide is exported to more than 60 countries around the world. The largest markets, beside Ukraine, are Germany, Turley, Russia, and the USA.


Since acquiring Ukrainian Chemical Products, Group DF implemented a series of investment projects, the largest of which was the construction of new line producing sulphuric acid, which is one of basic components for titanium dioxide production. This increased overall production capacity to 950K tonnes of sulphuric acid.


Further plans for developing Ukrainian Chemical Products include building a new high-tech titanium dioxide line that would increase combined production capacity to 240K tonnes of titanium dioxide per year.

Ukrainian Chemical Products employs 4,8K people.


"Crimea Titan" has changed its name to "Ukrainian Chemical Products" on March, 10th 2015.


Motronivsk Mining and Concentration Complex (Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine). Group DF launched the Motronivsk MCC construction project in 2014.


The project basis is open pit construction for ore production on the Motronivsk and Annivk site of the Malyshev zirconium-rutile-ilmenite sand field, and concentrating complex for zirconium, rutile and ilmenite concentrates delivery.


At the first stage of the project implementation, the open pit will be constructed with a capacity of 2,7 million m³ ores in a year. In particular, according to the business plan, the first stage of Motronivsk Mining and Concentration Complex project handover is already planned in the IV quarter of 2017. It is supposed that the enterprise will be able to produce an ilmenite concentrate – about 120K tons, zirconium – 14K tons, rutile – 20K tons annually.


Thanks to Motronivsk MCC construction, about one thousand and a half new workplaces is planned to create in the Dnipropetrovsk region within 2 years.


Today 838 people work at the enterprise and 9 contracting organizations are involved at construction where 250 - 300 more people are provided with work. The project investor – Group DF group of companies – already invested about $115,7 million. Concentrating mill construction will cost Group DF another $186,7 million (within 4-5 years).


Mezhdurechensk Mining and Concentration Complex (Irshansk, Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine) specializes in mining and producing ilmenite concentrate, with a capacity of 100K tonnes per year. Ilmenite concentrate is used in the production of titanium dioxide.


Mezhdurechensk MMC is part of Group DF’s titanium business.


Titanium ores are mined in open pits in the Isakivskiy and Pivdenniy sections of the Mezhdurechensk field.


Valky Ilmenite (Irshansk, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine) specializes in mining and producing ilmenite concentrate. Valky Ilmenite’s annual capacity is 45K tonnes per year. Ilmenite concentrate is used to produce titanium dioxide.


Valky Ilmenite is a part of Group DF’s titanium business. 


Titanium ores are mined in open pits in the Valky-Hatsivskiy field. The enterprise has a license to develop the Stremyhorodskiy field for ilmenite and apatites.


Zaporizhzhia Titanium and Magnesium Combine LLC (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine) is the only producer of titanium sponge in Ukraine and Europe. The plant specializes in producing titanium slag, titanium ingots, slabs, and titanium oxide and titanium aluminium alloys.


Cabinet Resolution #955 dated October 3, 2012 and entitled “Certain aspects of establishing Zaporizhzhia Titanium and Magnesium Combine LLC, determined that 49% of ZTMC is owned by Group DF and 51% remains in state hands. In 2013, ZTMC became a part of Group DF’s titanium business.


According to an agreement between the State Property Fund of Ukraine and Tolexis Trading Limited (TTL), TTL transferred USD 110 million into several investment projects at ZTMC’s production facilities.


Zaporizhzhia Titanium and Magnesium Combine is an export-oriented enterprise, with 95% of its output going to Russia, Europe (Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, France, and Luxembourg) and Asia (China and Korea).


Plant`s annual capacity is 10,680 tonnes of titanium sponge. After ZTMC LLC joined the Group DF titanium business, it began producing titanium ingots and slabs on an industrial scale for the first time, as products of a new processing stage. Current annual output capacity is 1K tonnes of titanium ingots and slabs. ZTMC plans to expand production to 12K tonnes per year.


Group DF launched a large-scale investment program aimed at expanding output capacity and modernizing the plant. According to plans, ZMTC will open new titanium metal production facilities: titanium slag for up to 150K tonnes per year and titanium sponge for up to 40K tonnes per year.


Modernization plans include expanding titanium tetrachloride production, reducing the cost of products, and improving quality. In addition, ZTMC’s program anticipates certifying all such improvements.

ZTMC employs 3,5K people.