24 April 2014

Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine to spend over UAH 9 million on social programs in 2014

ZTMK_logoZaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine (ZTMC, LLC), a part of titanium business of Group DF, will spend over UAH 9 million on various social programs this year. A newly signed 2014 Collective Agreement preserves all social guarantees and benefits ZTMC’s employees enjoyed in 2013.


The new 2014 Collective Agreement signed between the administration of ZTMC and its employees contains provisions on social responsibilities of the company, with respective expenses totalling UAH 7.48 million. Apart from this, ZTMC will spend an additional UAH 1.55 million on developing various social infrastructure of the company.


In particular, it is planned to spend UAH 2 million on recreation and rehabilitation programmes for ZTMC’s employees and their family members, while UAH 1.7 million will be spent on maintaining canteens. Another UAH 852,000 will be spent on maintaining a medical centre, as well as medical units at production workshops. Additional expenses aimed at developing social infrastructure of the company will include renovation of the Workshop-2 canteen, upgrading equipment in a number of canteens and cafes, upgrading the Workshop-19 laundry, developing the Workshop-19 canteen renovation plan, as well as upgrading recreation and health facilities for children.


One of the key social initiatives successfully implemented at various Group DF production companies is providing targeted financial assistance to ZTMC’s employees pursuing higher education. In 2014, this practice is reinstalled at ZTMC as well. Such assistance is provided in the form an interest-free loan which should be repaid in equal instalments during the course of a year. This enables ZTMC’s employees to obtain the industry-specific higher education and improve their professional qualification.


Also in 2014, the Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine will substantially expand its activities aimed at forming a reserve of qualified professionals, as well as developing professional skills of young employees and smoothing their integration into company’s staff.


“All 212 paragraphs of the 2013 Collective Agreement have been fully implemented. All social guaranties and benefits our employees enjoyed in 2013 have been preserved for 2014”, announced Volodymyr Sivak, Director of ZTMC, LLC.


Mr Sivak also noted that due to ZTMC’s outdated production facilities which require modernisation, and due to the current unfavourable situation on the global titanium markets, the company finds itself in a challenging economic situation. “But even in these difficult circumstances we find ways of improving social benefits for our employees, which is critically important in the current severe economic environment in Ukraine”, added the Director of ZTMC.


“The 2014 Collective Agreement has been developed considering financial possibilities of our company in the current economic realities”, noted Liudmyla Logvinova, Head of ZTMC’s trade union committee. “I’m convinced that the social benefits provided to our employees will be further improved if ZTMC finds itself in a better economic situation in the future. Today, the main objective of ZTMC’s administration and its trade union committee is safeguarding jobs and social guarantees for all employees of our company”.


In 2013, the Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine spent UAH 7.1 million on various corporate social responsibility initiatives, including UAH 1.842 million on recreation and rehabilitation programmes for ZTMC’s employees and their family members.