27 July 2017

There is no second lawsuit against Dmitry Firtash, – the statement of Dmitry Firtash’s lawyers

The second lawsuit against Dmitry Firtash does not exist, – the statement of Dmitry Firtash’s lawyer Otto Dietrich to the Austrian edition Krone



Dmitry Firtash’s lawyer, Otto Dietrich, commented to the Austrian edition Krone that there were no new lawsuits from the US Prosecutor’s Office against Dmitry Firtash. The statement of the US Prosecutor’s Office, the media are writing about, is exclusively a response from the US Prosecutor’s Office (“Consolidated Government’s Response”) to the motion to dismiss the lawsuit against Dmitry Firtash, which had been filed by Dmitry Firtash’s lawyers earlier. But this is not a new lawsuit, as most of the foreign media have erroneously stated.


The official statement of Dan Webb, Dmitry Firtash’s lawyer:


The government’s brief in the Firtash case makes two accusations against Dimitry Firtash that are false and are not even included in the government’s own indictment.


First, the government accuses  Firtash  in this brief of being connected to “Russian organized crime.”  Yet there is no evidence of that accusation, and that is why the government did not include it in its own indictment.


Second, in this brief, the government accuses Firtash of making bribe payments earmarked for individuals in the United States.  That accusation is also false and that is why the government did not include it as well in its own indictment.  Mr. Firtash was not involved in bribing anyone, in the U.S. or anywhere else. 


We have moved to dismiss the indictment because the allegations in the indictment involve conduct outside of the United States, and having no effects on the United States. We are hopeful that motion will result in the dismissal of this case by the court. If not, we are confident Mr. Firtash will be acquitted if and when he goes to trial.


Moreover, Ukraine media has falsely reported that new allegations have been made by U.S. prosecutors that Mr. Firtash has bribed U.S. citizens.  That is a lie and should be corrected.