23 August 2013

Severodonetsk Azot to invest UAH 28 million in modernization of ammonia shop

SevDon_ANSeverodonetsk Azot Association JSC, part of OSTCHEM holding consolidating nitrogen fertilizer producers of Group DF, began scheduled modernization of 1-B ammonia shop. It was announced by Leonid Bugayev, Chairman of the Board of Severodonetsk Azot.


“The combined investment budget for repairs and modernization of this shop amounts to UAH 28 million. This is the largest scheduled modernization of 2013. We have now started with the planned works and suspended the shop for 52 days. This modernization will help improve security and safety of the shops operations. Industrial safety is the key objective of modernization that is underway”, noted Bugayev.


In course of modernization, Severodonetsk Azot will introduce a new computerized technical processes control system. “The new system will significantly enhance reliability of production management and control over all technical processes, thus improving the production safety”, explained Chairman of Severodonetsk Azot.


Implementation of the investment program will involve reconstruction of ammonia converter in 1-B shop which will also enable Azot to reduce its power consumption and increase shop productivity. Daily ammonia production at 1-B shop will increase from 1360 to 1580 tons. “Furthermore, from now on the natural gas consumption for the production of each ton of ammonia will be reduced by 37.3 cubic meters”, said Bugayev.


According to him, another two shops are scheduled for modernization by the end of this year. Those are urea and ammonium bicarbonate shop. Earlier in 2013, Severodonetsk Azot already repaired its organic synthesis and acetic acid

shops. According to OSTCHEM’s financial department estimates, investments into Severodonetsk Azot will amount to UAH 321 million by the end of 2013.


In 2012, OSTCHEM invested UAH 903 million in modernization of its chemical assets, of which UAH 125 million in Severodonetsk Azot.