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In Q1 2020, PJSC “Azot” increased output of mineral fertilizers by 22%

In Q1 2020, PJSC “Azot”, a member of the nitrogen line of businesses developed by Group DF, produced 444 100 t of nitrogen fertilizers, an increase of 22% y-o-y.

In particular, 147 100 t of commercial ammonium nitrate, 168 600 t of commercial urea, 126 100 t of CAN, 2 300 t of aqueous ammonia were produced. On top of that, PJSC “Azot” produced 216 300 t of ammonia and 168 900 t of non-concentrated nitric acid.

Since the beginning of 2020, all production capacities of the company have been operating at 100 % load. It allowed to increase the production of mineral fertilizers. Compared year on year, production of urea increased by 23%, UAN – by 22% and ammonium nitrate – by 21%. As this year, weather conditions allowed farmers to start field works much earlier, it also contributed to the intense production rhythm of our enterprise. The company continues to operate despite the quarantine and delivers on its contractual obligations in full, ensuring uninterrupted supply of nitrogen fertilizers to agricultural producers. After all, the crops sown and harvested in time is about the food security of the state”, commented Mr. Vitaliy Sklyarov, Chairman of the Board, PJSC “Azot”.

Vitaliy Sklyarov also stressed that the chemical industry is now becoming one of the new drivers of the economy and is one of the few in Ukraine that really works and demonstrates growth.

At present, operations of many other sectors of economy, especially agriculture, depends on Ukrainian chemical industry. Chemical industry employees understand it and are very much committed to deliver on the production plans. Nitrogen fertilizers produced and shipped in a timely manner affect the future 2020 crop. At the moment, during the times of economic crisis, food security of the country is becoming of prime importance. Second of all, depending on how good the agricultural sector work in the spring, will have an impact on how fast Ukrainian economy will exit the crisis. Agriculture remains the strongest export industry in the country, which has a heavy influence on its balance of payments and other microeconomic indicators,– summed up Mr. Vitaly Sklyarov.