05 November 2021

PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” increased supplies of medical oxygen by 7.5 times

Since the beginning of 2021, PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association”, a member of Group DF nitrogen line of business, has increased medical oxygen supplies to health care institutions in Ukraine by 7.5 times, i.e. from 8.3 t in January to 62.7 t in October.  In 10 months of 2021, a total of more than 144,000 cubic meters (205.7 t) of medical oxygen was supplied to health care institutions in Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

“Every day about 300-400 people can breathe thanks to the medical oxygen produced by PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association”. This is not about numbers; this is about human lives. One cannot overstate how important this work is. That is why we work 24/7 to make sure that the right amount of medical oxygen is delivered to hospitals in a timely manner and in accordance with the requests from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We respond to the inquiries from the health care authorities in a prompt manner and closely cooperate with the Government of Ukraine,” emphasized Leonid Bugaev, Chairman of the Board, PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association”.

According to Sergei Gaidai, the Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration, Luhansk region is supplied with 100% medical oxygen.

“PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” helped provide medical oxygen to health care institutions of our region. The company fills and supplies 500-600 medical oxygen cylinders daily which allows saving patients’ lives in 11 hospitals in Luhansk region providing inpatient care for COVID-19 patients. PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” is not only the major budget revenue generating enterprise of the city and the region; it is also the major enterprise, which during these challenging times for our region makes a significant contribution to the fight against COVID-19, saving the lives of patients in extreme conditions in in-patient hospitals of the region,” said Yurii Stogniev, Director, Department of Health, Luhansk Regional State Administration.

Medical oxygen produced by PrJSC “Severodonetsk Azot Association” is registered and entered into the State register of medical products as a drug for measures aimed at preventing the emergence and spread, localization and eradication of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


Earlier, Group DF press service reported that since the beginning of the year, three enterprises of Group DF nitrogen line of business have supplied more than 280,000 cubic meters of medical oxygen to Ukraine’s health care institutions.