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PJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy) invested UAH 18 million in modernization of nitric acid production

PJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy), a member of Group DF nitrogen business, has completed the modernization of M-5 workshop that produces weak nitric acid, a raw material for the production of ammonium nitrate.

«A large-scale project to upgrade М-5 workshop lasted almost 1.5 years and cost UAH18 million in investments. The modernization of the workshop will facilitate and improve the entire production process, will provide an opportunity to save energy resources. The implementation of this project will allow to reduce the wear and tear of technological equipment. The purpose of the modernization is to ensure reliable and failure-free operation of both departments of the workshop producing weak nitric acid, a raw material for the production of ammonium nitrate and urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN). In order to further increase the production of ammonium nitrate and UAN, we need stable operation of all departments producing weak nitric acid,” says Mr. Vitaliy Sklyarov, Chairman of the Board, PJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy).

The modernization entailed a large-scale reconstruction of the technological process control system in the department No. 1, i.e. the outdated control and automation system was completely replaced with a modern distributed technological process control system using microprocessor technology.

“The main advantage of the new system is the “Swiss” accuracy of all measurements and ease of production management. All the necessary parameters are displayed in real time on the computer monitors of the central control panel,” comments Mr. Vitaliy Sklyarov.

Following the commissioning, the new distributed control system (DCS) was put into operation in department No. 1, where three units are producing the weak nitric acid.

The reconstruction included not only the installation of new devices, laying cables, the repair of adjacent office and utility rooms. Earlier, a new DCS control system was implemented in department No. 2, where the weak nitric acid is produced on 7 units.

The installed capacity of all 10 units at M-5 workshop is 3,600 tons of weak nitric acid per day. The company’s production plans for 2021 envision stable and sustainable operations of 9 units. Another unit, following the capital repairs, will become a spare one, since the process of the nitric acid production entails scheduled repairs on all units in turns.