03 August 2014

OSTCHEM Holding started system support of small and medium farmers

OSTCHEM Chemical Holding, (consolidating Group DF’s fertilizer business), commenced implementation of a support program for small farmers. The major objective of this initiative is to help the agricultural producers in raising their business productivity by using the most novelty instruments.


“Through this program we strive to help the whole of agricultural sector in becoming more efficient. The core of the program is the implementation of modern agro-chemical technologies, development and support of the new system of agricultural education, and creation the prerequisites to provide farmers with the whole range of services. We are certain that systemic implementation of the cutting-edge technologies in Ukrainian agriculture will boost the whole sector development”, commented Maria Bezzubova, Director, of OSTCHEM Holding for Marketing, Strategic Analysis and Planning.


Jointly with ‘Marketing Analytic Group’ (focused on business analysis development for chemical industry), OSTCHEM started a special communication platform “Four Seasons”. The major project idea is to hold specialized forums and trainings for agricultural sector professionals in four Ukrainian cities (Cherkasy, Mykolayiv, Poltava, and Khmelnytsky).


Major forum participants and speakers will include successful farmers, sector experts, mineral fertilizers producers, suppliers of plant protection means, and field-specific Ukrainian and foreign scholars.


“The better part of our forum participants include small and medium-size farmer companies, whose potential in Ukraine is greatly underestimated so far”, says Sergiy Pisotsky, Director of ‘Marketing Analytic Group’ Information Agency. – Thus, by setting up such a platform, we want to provide the farmers with the maximum of useful and practical information on new agro-chemical technologies, modern tendencies at fertilizer markets, and new instruments allowing for substantial increase in agricultural productivity.


Platform functioning will lead to forming regional communities of farmers and will allow consolidating useful information for the participants in one place. “Similar communities are effective communication channels. We firmly believe that the new platform will serve a useful instrument and a new source of knowledge for agricultural market participants. I am certain that the new farmer support program initiated by us, and the new communication platform will help enhance competitiveness of the whole sector”, Maria Bezzubova summarized. According to her, Cherkassy has already held a successful first forum of “Four Seasons” project. It discussed the latest developments in agro-technology. Forum participants included over 150 experts cooperating with agricultural sector.