06 August 2013

Nika Terra provides support to medical institutions of Mykolayiv

nikatera_medNika Tera Specialized Seaport (SSP Nika Tera, LLC), part of OSTCHEM holding (Group DF), has donated furniture and office equipment to two new medical institutions of Mykolayiv city and region, the No.7 Primary Health Care Center and Zhovtnevy District Center for Primary Health Care.


This was announced by Volodymyr Koreniugin, acting Mayor of Mykolayiv. According to him, in 2013, Mykolayiv City Council decided to establish new medical institutions as part of the health care system reform and bringing medical services closer to people. As the municipal budget did not have sufficient funds to furnish and provide office equipment to the new centers, Mykolayiv City Administration and directors of medical institutions sought assistance from local businesses.


“As is often the case, when a new institution is formed, there is a lack of not only buildings and equipment, but even furniture and appliances”, says Yuri Bogaty, chief doctor of Zhovtnevy District Central Hospital. “Nika Tera Seaport was the first to respond to our help requests”.


The Zhovtnevy District Center for Primary Health Care services 49 thousand inhabitants of Zhovtnevy district of Mykolayiv region, including around 5 thousand children. The No.7 Primary Health Care Center, another institution receiving Nika Tera’s assistance, services 63 thousand inhabitants of Mykolayiv’s Korabelny district, including 12 thousand children.


“The municipal budget lacked funds to equip the Center. That is why we asked businesses of the Korabelny district to help us. Socially responsible companies, such as Nika Tera Seaport, responded to our request”, says Yelena Vlasova, chief doctor of the No.7 Primary Health Care Center.


Nika Tera systemically supports medical institutions in Mykolayiv. This year, the port already helped the Zhovtnevy District Central Hospital, which serves Mykolayiv’s Korabelny district with the population of 70 thousand people, and Zhovtnevy district with the population of 50 thousand people. “Assistance to health care institutions is one of Nika Tera’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. We improve working conditions for medical personnel, which in turn leads to better quality health care services. In this way we are caring about health of the residents of Mykolayiv”, says Oleksandr Gaidu, Chairman of SSP Nika-Tera, LLC.


Earlier, Nika Tera signed a social partnership agreement with Mykolayiv Shipbuilding College. As part of this agreement, the port has already repaired roofing of an academic building of the College, and plans to purchase plastic steel windows. Apart from that, Nika Tera signed an agreement with Mykolayiv Specialized Boarding School No.2. Under this agreement, by 1 September, the port will donate a new futsal ground and fit out a special classroom for students of the Boarding School.


Volodymyr Koreniugin noted that Nika Tera is a socially responsible company which is always ready to help the residents of Mykolayiv. “In Group DF, the port has a major and responsible investor. We see the Group allocating funds for development of the cities of its industrial operations, while also creating jobs and paying taxes. And Mykolayiv is not an exception. Responsible businesses should help municipal institutions. We invite other businesses to be more active in such projects”, he said.


In spring 2013, Boris Krasnyansky, CEO of Group DF which controls Nika Tera, stated that the priority directions for corporate social responsibility of the Group and its producers include regional development, support of education, environmental protection and promotion of Ukraine’s image internationally (cultural diplomacy).


Nika Tera Specialized Seaport became active in supporting Mykolayiv city and region since its consolidation into Dmitry Firtash’s Group DF. The Seaport renders systematic support to Mykolayiv according to partnership agreements signed with Mykolayiv Regional Administration and Mykolayiv City Council during 2012-2013.