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In January, NIKA-TERA sea port increased turnover by 20% and handled 630,000 tons of cargo

In January 2020, NIKA-TERA sea port (Specialized “Nika-Tera” Sea Port LLC) owned by Group DF handled more than 630,000 tons of cargo.

Within the cargo mix, grains, legumes and oilseeds accounted for 458,200 t or 72,6% of the total volume of transshipment, oil cake – 109,800 t (17.4%), cargo in bulk – 63,000 t (10%).

In total, 26 vessels were handled at the berths of the sea port in January.


“Increasing both efficiency of cargo operations and cargo turnover are among our KPIs. We started out the year with a very good dynamics: the growth rate is +19.4% compared year-on-year. New technologies and loading and unloading process optimization yield results”, commented Alim Agakishiev, sea port manager.

According to previous reports, in January 2019 sea port handled 528,600 t of cargo.