24 October 2014

Nika-Tera terminal increased cargo transhipment by 32.9% for the first nine months of 2014

Nika_Tera_3-192x82Nika Tera sea terminal (SSP Nika-Tera LLC, a part of Group DF) handled 3 250,200 tons of cargo for the first three quarters of 2014. In the total cargo turnover the share of grain amounted 43% (1 396,200 tons), mineral fertilizers – 27.7% (902,100 tons), general cargo – 28.9% (938,800 tons), bulked cargo – 0.4% (11,900 tons).


“Despite difficult situation in the country, the enterprise succeeded in performance improvement. We increased cargo handling volume by 32.9% year on year. Grain and mineral fertilizers remain the key cargoes. Good yield and range of management decisions are our growth drivers. Besides, we constructed additional capacities for grain transhipment and storage. It allowed us to acquire a number of new clients among grain traders”, emphasized Oleksandr Gaidu, Chairman of SSP Nika Tera LLC.


The terminal remains being specialized in export cargo handling. In particular, export cargo transhipment increased by 65.6%, up to 2 567,200 tons. At the same time import cargo handling decreased by 9.2% – to 175,700 tons.


Transit cargo transhipment decreased by 28.5% to 499,300 tons and coastal cargo handling – by 42.6% to 2,300 tons. Besides, during January-September the terminal handled in carriages 5,700 tons of cargo with following transportation across Ukraine.


In September 2014, Nika Tera terminal handled 347,200 tons of cargo. In the total cargo turnover grain come to 223,500 tons, mineral fertilizers – 49,300 tons, general cargo – 74,400 tons. The enterprise handled 19 dry-cargo ships in September. The export cargo amounted 265,600 tons, import cargo – 27,200 tons, internal transportations – 3,800 tons in the total cargo turnover.


Nika Tera terminal previously reported that in the first half of 2014 handled cargo volume amounted 2 378,000 tons which is 49.2% more year on year.


In 2013 Group DF invested over UAH 200 million into the development of Nika Tera terminal. The biggest terminal`s projects included a construction of the modern silo-type grain elevator and urea handling section. Thanks to investments the enterprise enhanced its capacities significantly: grain storage capacity was increased from 40,000 to 210,000 tons; mineral fertilizer storage – from 125,000 to 175,000 tons.