Nika-Tera seaport started transshipment of 2020 soybean crops

“NIKA-TERA Specialized Seaport, that is a member of Group DF, is among the first Ukrainian sea port operators to start accepting trucks with 2020 soybean crops.


The main importers of Ukrainian soybeans are Egypt, Turkey and Belarus, which account for about 60% of total exports. Consumption of Ukrainian soybeans is also increasing in Egypt and Italy.


«Soybeans is a niche agricultural crop. It is estimated that the total annual volume of soybeans transshipment for export is only about 2.5 million tons. In the previous 2019/2020 marketing year, SSP NIKA-TERA transshipped more than 300,000 tons of this crop which accounted for 14% of the total volume of soybeans exported from Ukraine,commented Mr. Alim Agakishiev, Harbormaster, SSP NIKA-TERA.

Since the fall of 2011, the seaport became a part of Group DF that invested more than UAH1.5 B in its development. These investments allowed the company to significantly increase the capacity of the grain storage facilities from 40,000 t to 300,000 t. At present, the volume of grain storage facilities reaches 515,000 t. The major investment projects included the construction of a modern silo-type elevator and own railway facility, the launch of bulk cargo transshipment facility, increase of the berthing front, as well as continuous expansion and upgrade of the service yard and storage facilities.