18 June 2021

Nika-Tera sea port started transshipment of the new grain harvest

Nika-Tera sea port, a member of Group DF, began accepting new 2021 crop of grains. Nika-Tera sea port handled the first trucks with barley from Louis Dreyfus international company.

“The sea port is absolutely ready for the new season, all business processes have been fine-tuned, and we have begun accepting the first trucks with barley. Grains are the main type of cargo for us. The farmers expect the harvest to grow this year by at least 10% and we are ready to meet the growing demand and handle the required amount of cargo. This year we will transship the cargoes even faster, following the implementation of the Program designed to increase the sea port’s capacity”, commented Alim Agakishiev, CEO, Nika-Tera sea port.

Dmytro Firtash’s Group DF invested more than UAH1.5 billion to develop the sea port. As a part of the Program designed to increase the seaport throughput capacity:


  • the number of berths was increased to 8 with the total length of 1900 m;
  • a new weighing facility was built that consists of two technological lines with the capacity of 1800 m3 per hour each;
  • modern production and technology laboratory was upgraded;
  • the fleet of locomotives was brought up to 10 engines (the seaport owns a locomotive depot to maintain and repair diesel locomotives);
  • the length of own railways has been increased up to 23 km.
  • The necessary equipment for transshipment of cargo was purchased (4 loading machines with the capacity of up to 1500 t per hour).


In 2020, the sea port handled 409 vessels and transshipped 7,380,000 t of cargoes. In 2020, within the cargo mix grains, legumes and oilseeds accounted for 5,500,000 t or 75% of the total volume, bulk cargoes – 1,270,000 t (18%), liquid bulk cargoes – 323,000 t (4%), mineral fertilizers – 215,000 t or (3%).